About Biagi Bros.

The “Biagi Brothers", Fred Jr. and Greg Biagi were born and raised in Santa Rosa, California, about 50 miles north of San-Francisco. Learning the transportation business from their father, Fred Sr., who ran a large LTL company, the young men put their knowledge to the test in 1978 with the purchase of their first truck. An ambitious work ethic coupled with dedicated customer service caused the company to prosper and in 1986 they decided to expand into the warehousing business.

"The enterprise that began with the two brothers has remained family-owned and operated with customer service continuing to be the heart of all we do. Because we want our customers to receive the premier service they deserve in a timely manner, we strive to be one of the top paying trucking companies in the business; we hire only the best. At Biagi it's about being successful as a team. Our people are professionals who are competent and reliable; we take pride in a job well done. In fact, when the need arose to relocate 2 of our warehouses, many Biagi Bros.' employees opted to relocate with us - some to a different state!

Primarily associated with the food and beverage industry, this family-owned and operated freight logistics and 3PL company can warehouse and haul most other commodities as well. With 16 distribution centers strategically located around the United States and over 3 million square feet of food-grade warehouse space, Biagi features temperature-controlled facilities, and state-of-the-art warehousing software, technology, fire prevention systems and warehouse cooling systems.

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With a work force of more than 600 employees, Biagi has the horsepower to fulfill your needs!

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